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S. No INDA Accession Study Title Study Description Centre Name Released Date INSDC Accession No of Run
1 INRP000009 DNA methylation Whole Genome Bisulfite sequencing of rice Department of Plant molecular biology, University of Delhi 2021-06-23 PRJEB45886 1
2 INRP000010 Characterization of novel regulators for heat stress tolerance in tomato from Indian sub-continent transcriptome of tomato National Institute of plant Genome Research 2021-06-30 PRJEB45906 2
3 INRP000011 Drought resonsive miRNome of rice Charaterization of drought resonsive miRNome in flag leaf of rice. University of Delhi South Campus 2021-06-14 PRJEB45633 2
4 INRP000017 Investigations on regulation of miRNAs in rice reveal [Ca2+]cyt signal transduction regulated miRNAs Cytosolic calcium mediated regulation of miRNAs in rice cultivar N22. University of Delhi South Campus 2021-09-28 PRJEB47136 8
5 INRP000020 Variety-specific transcript accumulation during reproductive stage drought stress in rice RNA-Seq analysis of rice varieties Nagina22 and IR64 in adult tissues of Flag leaf, inflorescence and root under control and field drought conditions. University of Delhi South Campus 2021-10-15 PRJEB47431 36
6 INRP000031 Genome sequencing and assembly of Brassica Carinata accession HC20 Brassica Carinata accession HC20 genome sequencing Centre for Genetic Manipulation of Crop Plants, University of Delhi South Campus (Prof. Deepak Pental and Dr. Paritosh Kumar) 2023-08-24 PRJEB55587 2
7 INRP000032 Transcriptome analysis of Dermal Fibroblasts from VL and PKDL patients Transcriptome analysis of Dermal Fibroblasts from VL and PKDL patients reveal disease specific gene expression and pathological regulation Sneha Singh, Manas Ranjan Dikhit, Abhik Sen, ICMR-RMRIMS, AGAMKUAN, PATNA. 800007 2024-09-02 PRJEB56308 9
8 INRP000035 Indica Rice Genome sequencing The study involves sequencing the whole genome of five indica rice varieties namely, Nagina22, IR64, Anjali, Vandana and Pusa Basmati1. Paired-end genomic libraries were prepared and sequenced using Illumina platform and assembled to find sequence variations between these varieties and the japonica Nipponbare genomic sequence. Saurabh Raghuvanshi, University of Delhi South Campus 2023-10-01 PRJEB56693 9
9 INRP000036 Onion Mitochondrial Genome Sequencing of CMS and Maintainer Line Onion mitochondrial genome sequencing and comparative analysis of 97A CMS and 97B Maintainer line Deepak Singla and School of Agricultural Biotechnology, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana 2024-10-27 PRJEB57244 2
10 INRP000037 Genome wide association mapping for key agronomic traits in Brassica juncea Creating a fully characterized genetic resource pipeline for mustard improvement programme in India Dr. Surinder S. Banga, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana, India 2023-07-27 PRJEB57434 70
11 INRP000038 Emerging drug resistance in community-acquired urinary tract infection and molecular insights into dynamics of resistance traits in Indian isolates- A multi-centric cross-sectional study Genome profiling of Uropathogenic E.coli from community acquired UTI in paediatric patients. Dr. Sarita Mohapatra, Department of Microbiology, All Indian Institute of Medical Sciences 2023-07-01 PRJEB57435 19
12 INRP000044 Whole genome ChIP-seq analysis for three histone modifications in indica rice N22 and IR64 Chromatin immuno precipitation of three different histone modifications namely, H3K4me3, H3K27me3 and H3K9ac were performed in Oryza sativa subspe indica cv. IR64 and N22. Santosh Kumar, Shivani Kansal and Saurabh Raghuvanshi, University of Delhi South Campus 2023-01-01 PRJEB58710 24
13 INRP000047 Whole genome bisulphite sequencing of drought tolerant and sensitive rice cultivars Analysis of whole genome methylation profiles of the drought sensitive and tolerant rice cultivars. Bisulphite sequencing was conducted for three tissues, panicle, flag leaf and root under control condition and drought stress. Saloni Mathur, Ringyao Jajo, Saurabh Raghuvanshi, UDSC 2023-02-01 PRJEB58713 25
14 INRP000050 Heterogeneity in antimicrobial resistance potency and functionality among multidrug- resistant Gram-negative pathogens: Phenotypic, genotypic and proteomic analysis AMR heterogeneity in Gram-negative pathogens Translational Health Science and Technology Institute, Faridabad 2023-12-31 PRJNA925003 203
15 INRP000051 Molecular mapping of QTLs associated with grain elongation in Basmati rice - Oryza sativa L. Molecular Mapping of QTLs Associated with Grain Elongation in Basmati Rice was undertaken to identify QTLs associated with grain elongation in basmati rice using BSA and whole genome sequencing based on F2 population derived from self pollinated F1 plants generated from a cross between Basmati 370 and Pusa Basmati 1121. The identified QTLs associated with grain elongation can be further used in basmati rice breeding programmes for grain elongation. To identify the QTLs associated with grain elongation the following objectives were designed i. To accomplish morphological analysis for grain elongation along with the development of genotypic pools to carry out bulked segregant analysis in basmati rice ii. To identify genomic regions associated with grain elongation using BSA-sequencing and iii. To validate the identified QTLs associated with the grain elongation in basmati rice. R K Salgotra, Sher e Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology of Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir 2023-11-30 PRJEB60058 4
16 INRP000055 FH India Exome sequencing in Indian patients with definite Familial Hypercholesterolemia P D Hinduja Hospital and Medical Research Centre 2025-01-24 PRJEB61804 60
17 INRP000058 Photosynthetic efficiency and transcriptome analysis of Dunaliella salina under hypersaline Understanding the molecular mechanisms of environmental salinity stress tolerance and acclimation strategies by photosynthetic organisms facilitates accelerating the genetic improvement of tolerant economically important crops Pavithra Ramachandran, University of Hyderabad 2024-03-17 PRJEB61068 6
18 INRP000059 Comparison of sdRAD vs ddRAD in 48 genotypes of sesame A comparison between the efficiency, effectiveness, and feasibility between the two methodologies of restriction digestion based genotyping by sequencing, single and double digest, was performed in sesame to identify the best method of choice for large scale genotyping experiments. ICAR-National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources, Parimalan Rangan 2023-04-01 PRJEB60972 96
19 INRP000062 Molecular diversity studies in sesame using ddRAD-seq approach Molecular diversity studies for 2496 sesame accessions using ddRAD-seq approach and a development of coreset using molecular data ICAR National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources, Parimalan Rangan 2025-04-01 PRJEB61739 2496
20 INRP000063 16S Metagenomic Analysis Organic Waste Bio-composts 16S rRNA metagenomic profiling of organic waste bio-composts Daulat Ram College, University of Delhi 2023-07-12 PRJEB62440 10
21 INRP000065 16S Metagenomic Analysis Soils amended with bio-composts 16S rRNA metagenomic profiling of soils amended with different types of bio-compost Sophayo Mahongnao, Daulat Ram College, University of Delhi 2024-01-01 PRJEB62447 12
22 INRP000066 16S metagenomic analysis of underground water of Delhi 16S rRNA Metagenomic profiling of underground water of Delhi to identify the beneficial and pathogenic bacteria. Sophayo Mahongnao, Daulat Ram College, University of Delhi 2024-01-01 PRJEB62623 4
23 INRP000068 16S metagenomic analysis of red amaranth 16S metagenomic analysis of organically grown Red Amaranth grown with different soils Pooja Sharma, Daulat Ram College, University of Delhi 2023-12-31 PRJEB62721 10
24 INRP000019 CLAVATA signaling pathway genes modulates agronomic traits in chickpea The CLAVATA3 gene homolog in chickpea regulates the flowering time and flower number in chickpea. A haplotype of this gene enhances yield without compromising any other agronomic traits. National Institute of Plant Genome Research 2021-08-27 PRJEB47198 1
25 INRP000048 miR158 locus and associated small RNAs Indian Himalayan natural Arabidopsis thaliana accessions with abolished miR158 levels exhibit robust miR173-initiated trans-acting cascade silencing CSIR - National Botanical Research Institute (NBRI) 2023-01-10 PRJEB58789 3